Criminal Post Conviction Relief

Criminal Post Conviction Relief

Motions to Vacate Criminal Convictions

Certain criminal convictions can be vacated (i.e. eliminated) by filing a motion to vacate with the Florida state court where the criminal conviction occurred. A common scenario for vacating a conviction involves an individual who pleads guilty or no contest to a crime, but the state Judge fails to advise the individual that the plea may subject him or her to deportation. By vacating a conviction, an individual may become eligible for relief and benefits under immigration laws.

Motions to Reduce Felony Convictions to Misdemeanors

May eliminate the adverse immigration consequences of felony convictions for all purposes.

Motions to Reduce Sentence

In some cases a reduction of a one year sentence to 364 days may result in an immigration benefit or a defense to removal.

If you have a criminal conviction that prevents you from obtaining a green card or other immigration benefit, contact the Law Office of Jacob L. Ratzan, P.A. for a consultation on whether to file a motion in criminal court for post-conviction relief.